What is the Brand Experience?

Что такое Brand Experience?

Brand Experience is an experience of communication, consumer relations with a brand. This experience can be either positive or negative, as well as disappointing or contradictory.

Brand Experience is understood as the sensations, feelings, cognitions and behavioral reactions caused by the brand; in particular, its design and corporate identity, packaging, communication style. Brand Experience directly and indirectly, through brand associations, affects customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How to create consumer experience with a brand?
Marketing is what kind of experience you tell your customers when they interact with your brand. The more convincing the experience, the faster you will build brand loyalty. The experience that you create remains in the minds of your customers when they think about the brand.

You must think about the totality of experience, and about its tonality, quality. The right combination makes the experience unique to your brand and motivates your customers. Without totality and tonality, you cannot create Brand Experience, you will simply become another product among many others.

Brand Experience Totality
Totality is the completeness and consistency between the various marketing tools of your company. If the experience is not complete and consistent, it will not be effective in creating your customers. Consistency is very important that customers know that your brand will provide a product of the same high quality every time and will always look the same.

For example, if you are a travel agency specializing in group excursions for single people, you should make sure that you give a general impression of the brand that will be clear to your target audience. Having a local office with beautiful brochures may be a good start, but without an online experience that addresses the social nature of the client, your brand will not be complete or will not address the needs of the clients. You need the totality of your Brand Experience to create brand loyalty. This includes interacting with customers through various means of communication.

Brand Experience Key
Tonality is the mood of experience. It should be consistent with how you defined your brand and your knowledge of what your customers want. If the tone does not match your marketing, you will not be able to create an emotional connection with customers.

For example, a restaurant may have a cozy site, surprisingly warm reviews online and an incredibly charming front door, but if the owner and employees are unpleasant throughout the consumer experience, then the whole tonality of the experience is tarnished. You must be consistent for customers so that the Brand Experience tone matches everywhere.

For an effective brand communication experience, you need totality and tonality to work together and give a complete picture of what exactly your brand can offer. Both elements must be consistent in every interaction with the client. As soon as one of the elements of marketing does not keep up with the rest, you jeopardize the entire brand.

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