QIWI New Year

Project details

The main objective of the event was to make the New Year corporate party such as it had never been done before, to surprise the guests with a non-standard approach to the event.
And what could be better than hanging out colleagues in one place? Probably only 5 parties at a time!
We made an event in the format of barchoping: the venue was not one venue, but five, located on the territory of Red October within walking distance. We prepared a unique program, we made, in fact, five completely different events and moods, everyone could choose a party to their liking:

At the Strelka Bar there was a sparkling Stand-up from Valentin Sidorov and the performance of the indie band POMPEYA
MSK Crossfit & Fight Club - A real Game-house with a variety of consoles, neon lights, light installations and the most geeky DJ Marvel Show! At the same time, only a day ago this place was a respectable fitness club, and as a reverence to the destination of the location, we served smoothies! With alcohol in the composition
We closed the site, which was poorly repaired and with old wallpaper, in the style of underground clubs in art spaces, decorating the space with painted plaster heads, graffiti and more. Excellent electronic music supplemented the atmosphere, representing, in fact, an alternative scene for rave lovers. DJ Dima Dem, DJ Maiden Obey performed
Fantomas Club - Mystical immersive action from Zhu Montvilayte, capturing all floors of this mansion.
The final location was the GIPSY club, where everyone finally got together! Rocked the crowd DJ Bvoice, NOIZE MC, IOWA, DJ Miller

That evening, each guest was able to find music and entertainment to their taste, and those who managed to get around all the locations during the evening participated in a trip for two for three lucky people

The event was preceded by a teaser campaign, which was conducted through internal media channels and through mini-projects in the office, revealing the intrigue in stages and giving tips on how to prepare for the corporate event.

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