Event Marketing Trends 2023 and beyond

  1. Virtual and hybrid events: With the ongoing pandemic, virtual and hybrid events are becoming more popular and are expected to continue in 2023.

  2. Personalization and interactivity: Event organizers are focusing on making their events more personalized and interactive to increase engagement.

  3. Sustainability: The trend of eco-friendly and sustainable events is gaining popularity and is expected to continue in 2023.

  4. Use of technology: The use of technology such as AI, VR, and AR is expected to become more prevalent in event marketing.

  5. Data-driven decision making: Event marketers are relying more on data to make informed decisions and measure the success of their events.

  6. Focus on experiential marketing: Experiential marketing, which focuses on creating memorable experiences for attendees, is becoming a trend in event marketing.

  7. Live streaming: Live streaming events is becoming increasingly popular as it allows a wider audience to participate and attend events virtually.

These trends are expected to shape the event marketing industry in 2023 and beyond.