SMM agency

What is a modern SMM agency? This is an agency whose main specialization is promoting companies on social networks (Social Media Marketing). In this case, the agency can be highly specialized or be a separate department of a large digital or communications agency.

What does an SMM agency do?

An SMM agency is engaged in the development and implementation of brand development strategies in social networks, content strategies, community management, working with bloggers and promoting content or a brand in social networks.

SMM department within the structure of other agencies

The SMM department is often found in the structure of various Internet marketing agencies.

PR agencies specialize in interaction with the media, organizing interviews, preparing press releases, and holding press conferences.

Creative agencies specialize in developing ideas and creative concepts.

Digital agencies cover a wide range of Client needs: from website development to developing a digital strategy and promotion on social networks.

Structure of an SMM agency

  • The Development Department (new business) is responsible for searching and attracting new Clients.
  • The Client Relations Department is a group of managers who are the link between the Client and the SMM agency.
  • The strategic department is engaged in the development of strategies and analytics. This department is responsible for tender proposals for new Clients and updating the strategy for current agency clients.
  • The creative department is responsible for developing creative concepts and special projects on social networks.
  • The media department is the department for planning channels for posting content. This includes managers who deal with media planning and targetologists who set up advertising campaigns and monitor their effectiveness.
  • Production department - content producers, copywriters, designers, photographers and other specialists who are responsible for creating content. Managers of this department often order services from contractors and monitor their implementation.

What services does the SMM agency provide?

  • Development of an SMM strategy
  • Development of creative concepts
  • Creating a Visual Style
  • Accounting and support of brand pages on social networks
  • Targeted promotion on social networks
  • Lead generation
  • Working with bloggers
  • “Sowing” materials – popularizing videos or current articles
  • Development and implementation of special projects
  • Creating videos for social networks
  • Animation and motion design
  • Creation of visual and text content
  • Working with comments, moderating publications
  • Production of photo and video content
  • Working with bloggers and opinion leaders
  • Development of special projects
  • Conducting live broadcasts

Main sources of income for an SMM agency


  • Retainer fee - fee for monthly subscription services for brand pages on social networks
  • Commission (agency management) is the amount paid by the Client to the agency for developing a project using third party contractors (a rate of 10-15% is usually the starting point for cost negotiations).
  • Agent's commission
  • Royalties for creative works. For example - for the creation of a creative concept, design, technical production services, etc.