SAP Kidzania/ Cloud Platform

Project details

SAP Cloud Platform is the latest platform for development and the Internet of things, which is available in the data center. On this occasion, SAP held a presentation of the platform in an unusual format.

The uniqueness of this event was that the children of the guests of the event themselves helped to reveal the potential of the technology. Children received sensors connected to the general monitoring system, which allowed them to collect data and use them as a basis for demonstrating various solutions. Partners of SAP and the EEA have developed or transferred solutions to various fields of business to the SAP Cloud Platform, which were demonstrated to guests in the hall of many industries: Car service.

Predictive repairs. Cash flow optimization of an ATM network. Cloud parking. Dispatching of ambulance crews. Optimization of warehouse resources. So we were able to demonstrate a completely new approach to the organization of ordinary processes. The event was attended by 200 people, almost half of them children