Presentation of a new phone OPPO F7

Project details

The event is dedicated to the presentation of the new model of the Chinese smartphone OPPO, which appeared on sale the day after the launch.

The presentation was prepared by the Russian office of OPPO - OPPO RUS (under the control of top manager from China Liu Emily), Eventum Premo and PR-agency PrP, invited by the Client.

Colleagues from OPPO were engaged in the adaptation of content transmitted from the international launcher of the phone; PR-agency PrP - by invitation and registration of journalists, Eventum Premo - general coordination of the project and the main blocks.

The main distinguishing feature of the new OPPO smartphone is the latest front-facing camera with artificial intelligence, capable of not only identifying the owner, but also recognizing the gender, age, tone and type of human skin and automatically correcting all imperfections in photographs. OPPO users do not need to resort to using filters to make their selfies better - the smartphone does it for them.

This feature was emphasized both in the speeches of the speakers, and in the design and activities on the site. So, in the welcome foyer a photo zone was created - a digital mirror - telling about the principles of artificial intelligence inside the front camera.

In addition to this photo zone, we created another one - together with decorators, we came up with and set up confetti showers on the platform, where guests could make great photos, videos and boomerangs for social networks.

After welcome, guests were invited to the main hall with a huge screen, where OPPO top managers who presented a new smartphone spoke in front of them. The official part ended with a podium aisle of models with new OPPO smartphones in their hands and the opening of a mobile wall leading from one room to another - a show room with music, cocktails and a twenty-meter counter with exposed OPPO smartphones for the test.

Famous DJs, the S-Brothers duet and Karina Istomina, performed at the showroom for guests.

In order to ensure the distribution of information about the launch on social networks (at the request of the Client), we used the “Cocktails for likes” mechanics by setting up a bar with a bright neon sign “Likes are the new coins”, where each guest could receive an exclusive cocktail by showing The bartender posted on social networks a photo from the launch with hashtags.