Financial planning for organizing corporate events and holidays

I don’t know which event you want to organize. Maybe it will be a ball with costumes and a masquerade, pop stars and show ballet in an expensive restaurant. Maybe - a country pension with a bathhouse and skiing. Maybe - a warm evening in your native office with cute gifts and homemade snacks. I can not guess. Therefore, I can only tell you about a few general approaches and principles that you can creatively rethink and use in your personal and expensive experience.

I want to discuss the financial planning of the event by asking a few questions.

What are the goals of your event? Think about them. Think seriously.
How is the event budget formed? What is its structure. Understand and feel it.
What properties do you need to have when organizing an event? You will be surprised - it turns out they are very unexpected.

What are the goals of your event?

The formulated goal, its awareness can seriously affect the approach to organizing an event. This will certainly affect his budget. Be honest with yourself, this will help you.

What are your goal options? As a general approach, I will name three typical goals.

We do not know.

You have no goal? Then this event is "for show"? So it is also possible. In this case, your main task will be to make the budget as tight as possible, save on everything - the main mini-goal, just to keep decency at the lowest cost.

On my own, I note that, fortunately, this is a rare case of goal setting, but, unfortunately, a common approach to implementation.

How to determine this minimum level of decency - to disassemble the event into parts and sequentially delete all that you can do without using the method of exception.

External PR

Invitation to events in addition to employees and partners, customers. You will need to attend to the “advertising” materials - souvenirs with company symbols, booklets, etc.

At such an event, you can present the achievements of the company as a whole for the year. Management can make an official and solemn speech.

Your event is another good occasion for external PR. Mini Goals:

maintaining customer loyalty
Attraction of new clients
employees will be proud of their involvement in the company
other goals that you can complement yourself.
You can invite pop stars, artists and spend in a fashionable hotel, restaurant. The event is worth ordering strict official invitations.

Internal PR

Mostly employees of the company are invited, their family members. In this case, valuable gifts to employees, a common photo, team games and other similar entertainments are appropriate. Such an event can be held outside the city, in a boarding house, in a club in a chamber setting.

The management should make a simple human speech (write it with warmth), note the achievements not only of the entire company, but also of individual departments or individual employees. Reward the best - now is a great time for this.

Your mini goals

maintaining employee loyalty
creating a constructive spirit in the team
other goals that you can complement yourself.
It is clear that there are no events in their pure form, it is always a kind of mix, but it is absolutely necessary to determine all the priorities for yourself.

How the event budget is formed

There will be no example. He will only confuse you. Surely you have a specificity that I can not reflect in any calculation. Therefore - understand the general approach. The fundamental point for understanding - the budget consists of two parts - "constant" and "variable".

"Constant" costs.

This is what does not depend on the number of people at the event. Will you have 1 person or 100 - they will still remain unchanged.

These costs, for example, include:

  • event rental costs
  • clearance costs
  • show program support
  • sound, light, music, if paid separately
  • transportation costs (e.g. shared bus)
  • other expenses, add yours.
  • It is clear that if 10 people participate in your event, you will need a smaller room than for 100. Therefore, I took the “fixed costs” in quotation marks.

Variable costs.

Here we include all portioned. Will you have 1 person or 100 - they will change proportionally.

These costs, for example, include:

  • catering services (snacks, food in a broad sense)
  • alcohol
  • gifts
  • other expenses, add yours.
  • I want to draw attention to the fact that after you pay the necessary bills, the costs will turn into permanent ones. Most likely, you will not be able to return the money if the number of participants in the event suddenly decreases.

I a little crooked, speaking only of two parts. There is still a special article - NVS.

Decoding of this term? Just in case.

This is a kind of fund for the prompt resolution of problems for unforeseen expenses. They will definitely be, no matter how carefully you have planned the event.

NVS can and should be determined in advance, at the planning stage, for example, as a percentage (say 10%) of the total budget of the event. After that, do not change this amount. More than her budget should not