Talents of the future

There is so much information that we do not have time and will never have time to digest it. There are so many books, films, music, news, ideas that eyes run out of habit and never come back. We do not have time to read the books that we bought and the films that we marked for viewing.

For example, you want to learn about public lectures on various topics. 2 minutes of search show you that public lectures on dozens of different topics are held at the Polytechnic Museum (you can watch the video on YouTube), the club “Color of the Night”, the Winery ... And all this at the same time. You have no chance to get to them personally, you have no chance to even see them all on the record. Even those that interest you. And we have not yet gone beyond the boundaries of the Russian-language Internet. And, for example, there are also American TED conferences.

We are now preparing a draft of the event, in the framework of which video shooting is being conducted. A video about the project was sent to us for the video shooting, so that we better understand its essence. So, the memo turned out to be 101 pages. A memo for the videographer and video director. Memo for shooting on 101 pages. From this, we can deduce several talents of the future:

Talent first. Activity and the illusion of activity. The constant consumption of information creates the illusion that you lead a very active lifestyle. For example, in the course of all the news, keep a popular blog and go to all recommended events. Active - it is still to be the one who writes the news, who the bloggers write about and who makes the events. And I very often hear from such people that they do not read the news, do not blog and rarely go to events, as they are busy.

The second talent. Conciseness. The winner is the one who can convey complex and new ideas in a concise and convenient audience. This 100% main talent of the future.