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Creating a special space that immerses the consumer into the world of the brand is an actual direction of modern marketing and communications. The ability to present values, brand aesthetics and the product itself through various form factors, materials, and content is an interesting and ambitious task.

Eventum Premo has accumulated considerable expertise in this field. We offer services in the area of spatial communications - creation of stands, corporate pop-up stores, temporary branded installations, decoration of showrooms, and presentation of showcases. We create spaces that themselves carry communication and help communicate. We unite people, brands and products within one organized space.

Our services: 
• Sponsorship Integration in Festivals 
• Complex design and maintenance of stands 
• Multimedia content for branded space
• Large exhibition constructions
• Permanent and temporary installations
• Temporary pavilions for BTL activations
• Decoration of dealers' salons and zones of expositions
• Showcases and show-stands. 3D-design and engineering
• Development and decoration
• Technical support of spaces 

Success in working on spatial communications requires many interdisciplinary competencies, including design, project management, and interaction of digital and analog media. We are proud of our great team, which allows us to solve all the tasks. Let me introduce you a portfolio of developed projects.