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On August 31, Gorky Park hosted a real gourmet celebration - the third annual Food Festival.
For the second year in a row, the official partner of the event was Moscow Sberbank of Russia, having opened the VERANDA Sberbank Premier restaurant in the gastronomic quarter.

This year, the Food Festival surprised many guests with a variety of national restaurants: here you could taste Mongolian teas with salt, Turkish sweets, and authentic Italian pastas. The author’s menu “VERANDA SBERBANK Premier” also included dishes of traditional Russian, German and Chinese cuisine, and the latter became the undisputed leader in the number of tastings. After registering, each guest of the festival was able to completely appreciate the exclusive food sets from the famous metropolitan chef Vladimir Mukhin, who was responsible for the menu concept of the VERANDA Sberbank Premier restaurant. The number of people wishing to try the author’s cuisine was increasing every hour, and despite the bad weather and heavy rain, more than 2200 people by the end of the day.

As Vladimir Mukhin noted: “I am not surprised that according to the results of the holiday, the most visited was VERANDA Sberbank Premier, and the most demanded are dishes of Chinese cuisine. This is natural, as the demand for Asian delicacies remains steady. But there is an obvious transformation. Muscovites, accustomed to the "traditional" Asian - Japanese, Chinese restaurants, are now looking for something new in all this diversity. And this is “fresh” today - Pan-Asian cuisine. Unusual and tasty food is very popular today, where there is a combination of three unexpected ingredients that give rise to new tastes. Therefore, in all dishes presented on the veranda of Sberbank, we added a piece of our own interpretation. ”
So, for Chinese glass noodles and rice on WOK with veal filler, oyster and fish sauces and sesame oil were used. This pan-Asian dish was given a special piquancy by soybean and leek sprouts. In the menu of Russian cuisine, traditional fried potatoes with mushrooms turned into a gastronomic delicacy due to the addition of air mousse from almonds and tartar from slightly salted cucumber.

“VERANDA Sberbank Premier” has become not only the most visited restaurant, but also the most technologically advanced venue for the holiday. Everything was thought out to the smallest detail here - for the convenience of the guests, modern hand disinfecting devices worked, and a real talking robot Maxim greeted the audience and gathered around him numerous children and their parents.
Also in the Sberbank area, an art object made of fresh flowers with the bank logo appeared before the guests, against which the guests of the holiday took memorable photos and posted them on social networks. And high-speed Wi-Fi from MegaFon made this process instant.
Sweet tooths were tasted by dietary sorbets made from sea buckthorn or arugula with pine nuts and unusual ice cream, surprising with its interesting combinations: from sesame seeds and poppy seeds to dark beer, prosecco and even Gorgonzoll cheese.

For those who are actively following their figure, the well-known nutritionist Angelica Duval worked in the wellness zone. She helped everyone to pass a special test, as a result of which the guests received a professional recommendation on healthy eating, as well as an individual cocktail of natural fruits and vegetables.
On the territory of the gastronomic perimeter there was a mobile office and banking terminals. It was possible to quickly withdraw cash for interesting purchases and top up a mobile phone account without leaving the festival.

SBERBANK Premier is a fundamentally new approach in relations between a client and the Bank. The Sberbank Premier tariff plan will allow you to feel comfortable traveling, emphasize high status, save and increase cash, and also receive additional bonuses and privileges from partners of the Bank. At the service of individuals, the Sberbank Premier tariff plan is a set of the most popular banking products and services, especially for premium customers: a personal manager who will provide advice on all products of interest, including personal financial planning, combined products, deposits, deposits, mutual shares investment funds (UIF), accumulative and investment life insurance, lending, premium bank cards, insurance for travelers abroad, rental of safes and carrying out conversions ion exchange operations on special conditions. Sberbank Premier customers have at their disposal more than 250 service areas in Moscow and more than 1,500 throughout Russia.

This project won the "Event of the Year 2015" contest

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