Aston Martin ON ICE

Project details

We tried Swiss ice
In February, at the Swiss ski resort of St. Moritz, Aston Martin held the Aston Martin on ICE 2012 winter driving improvement program for the 4th time. Eventum-Premo Agency provided PR support for the project and a visit of a group of Russian journalists to this luxurious event. Of the twelve media representatives who attended the Aston Martin ON ICE, five came from Russia, from leading automotive, Life-Style and business media.

For fans of the brand, Aston Martin has prepared 16 cars representing the entire model range. The list of cars for extreme driving includes a 4-seat Rapide, which is great not only for long-distance travel, but also for drifting. It was also possible to feel the drive and feel the line between demolition and skidding on the exclusive DBS Carbon Edition and on the new products of 2011-Virage and V8 Vantage S.

"Every year, the events held by Aston Martin get better and attract more participants," said Geoffrey Scott, chief Executive of Aston Martin Lagonda in Europe. - "Aston Martin ON ICE-a beautiful, incendiary and dynamic show-is a concentration of all brand values, and we are happy to show our customers the capabilities of our cars in such an interesting format." The main goal of Aston Martin ON ICE is to enable fans of the brand to improve their ability to safely pilot supercars in extreme conditions and enjoy driving powerful cars even when the electronic assistants are disabled.

Aston Martin ON ICE is a part of an extensive program to improve your driving skill. In addition to the winter course, the Aston Martin on TRACK summer program is held, which consists of 4 stages: April 4 at the Silverstone track (England), may 3 at the Nurburgring (Germany), July 15 in Boxberg (Germany) and September 17 at the legendary Spa track (Belgium). So the full Aston Martin driving proficiency course is the BIG 5. In addition, fans of the brand can always apply to the permanent Academy of driving skills Aston Martin Nurburgring Driving Academy.

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