Tinkoff integration with "Afisha's Picnic" 2018

Project details

Stories Park by Tinkoff.ru is a space of perfect photo points. Earn increased cashback by spinning up likes on the bike, refresh yourself with lemonade after the race and find the cat where you did not expect it. Everyone could create cool content in Stories Park and then get likes from friends and gifts from Tinkoff.ru!

The location was a zone consisting of several stands made in the style of Memphis. The abundance of patterns on the walls of individual zones and patterns on freestanding paper palms (44 pcs) made it possible to create a single space of the “park”.

The park consisted of:
- Entrance neon arch to the park
- Registration areas
-Activity zones Find a cat
Selfie Stick Activity Areas
-The tripartite zone of your stories.
-Welcome activity zones
-Bar zones
Lounge areas

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