S7 Night Flight Show vol.2

Project details

The task was:

- to determine the winner from previously registered users - who will receive 1 million miles.

Creative idea of ​​the project: Inspired by the current S7 Airlines advertising campaign, we created and proposed a new format for the event. Experience Fiction is a fictional story based on viewer experience. The plot of the Night Flight Show vol.2 was built on the script of the fashion video #pictures come true. We used an actual advertising campaign and thereby strengthened the communication message.

“What if a fashion video can also become a real journey? Transfer you from the YouTube window to a real environment, where everything that you saw before that will happen at arm's length? The boundaries between online and offline are ghostly. Huskies and sherries have replaced real experience. The world is bigger than images on the Internet. Each photo can be a real journey. Our presence here is just an illusion ... we live in a digital dream.

It's time to wake up and go on a real journey.

Event Results 120 Visitors Over 5,000,000 Live Viewings About 500 Reposts

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