Opening of Sberbank1 office

On February 13, the official opening of the Sberbank 1 office in the business center "Residence Rublevo" took place. The level and theme of the event were set by invited guests. Among them-a lot of famous people and VIP clients.
The quality and variety of services offered by Sberbank 1 can easily be compared with the comfort and service offered during flights on a private plane. It was in the style of travel on Board a Private Jet that the office was opened.
At the entrance, each guest was greeted by beautiful flight attendants. The famous Comedy Radio host Timur Richard was responsible for the atmosphere on Board.
During the flight, Sberbank 1 made several landings, during which guests had the opportunity to touch the culture of different countries.
Western Siberia, France and the Eastern Oasis welcomed the distinguished guests this evening. The Bank's clients were offered delicious treats, original entertainment program and exclusive gifts that were created right before their eyes.
After the end of the flight, all the guests went home in a good mood, and they did not have to overcome the hour-long traffic jams from the airport. After all, Sberbank 1 is always nearby.

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