Project Description

The Eventum Premo team took part in the organization of the main economic event of 2007, traditionally taking place during the white nights - "XI Petersburg International Economic Forum".
Facts from the past Forum: 8965 people, 65 countries, 9 presidents, 1400 journalists, more than 40 TV companies, more than 200 charter flights. Approximately 30 protocols have been signed for a total of $ 13.5 billion between such major automobile companies as Volvo, Suzuki, and Peugeot, Boeing, and Sukhoi, Boeing and UAC, Pepsi and Lukoil. Of these, 6.5 billion - a mixed partnership between state and commercial structures.
Four plenary sessions, 16 roundtables, more than 30 press conferences took place during the Forum; more than 70 presentations were made, 4 investment projects were selected. Accreditation of journalists was held from April 3 to May 19. In total, more than 1400 journalists took part in the Forum (for comparison: last year the number of journalists was 2 times less, interest from foreign press grew 5 times). 1/3 of journalists are representatives of television companies.

Before the Forum, 6 press conferences and several informal meetings of organizers with journalists were held.

The press center of the Forum allowed to hold up to 5 events simultaneously and provided maximum technical opportunities for journalists. Specifically for the Press Center, a system for announcing events was developed, including loud communication, a running line on plasma panels, a tape of announcements and news on a special website for the press, information at information desks and special points, and SMS newsletters to journalists' mobile phones.

Especially for TV companies were equipped:

• A platform for mobile stations of satellite communication (Fly Away);
• 18 booths for TV companies. Each cabin received an international television signal from the host broadcaster. All cabins were equipped with outlets for Internet access and telephones with international output;
• Stand-up position in the territory of the Press Center, designed for simultaneous operation of 8 TV cameras. Each cell was equipped with electrical outlets, lines for transmitting a signal to the hardware the host broadcaster and feeding back the audio signal from the hardware.

The system of internal television allowed to observe several events simultaneously (up to 5 events). At the same time, in addition to the image, journalists had the opportunity to hear the translation into Russian or English.

The project team (the whole work of the Press Center provided 50 people) received thanks from the key organizers of the event.


Location St. Petersburg

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