Project Description

On December 25, 2009, the company "Video International" celebrated the coming 2010! The organizer and ideological inspirer of this corporate holiday was the agency, Eventum Premo.

It should be noted that this project has become for our company not only one of the most sustainable, but also one of the most wonderful!

Preparations for the event began in the hot summer days when the concept of the New Year's Eve has chosen the theme of mischievous 50's and rock'n'roll! The main rule of the activities of the company "Video International" is the participation of employees of the company in the entertainment program.

The program was divided into three parts: a vocal unit, an artistic block, and a dance block. Since September, all those wishing to participate in the evening passed a rigorous casting, which assessed all the artistic data of the participants. With those who passed the casting, professional teachers in dance, vocal and acting skills selected individual programs and put numbers.

For several months, the company's employees rehearsed polished the numbers and tried fitting - after all, for each participant sketches were developed and exclusive suits were sewed. Recollection of the preparation for the project is numerous photo sessions and video clips created during rehearsals. By the way, such a video portfolio served as a feeder for the presentation of the participant already at the very evening.

At the same time, unique new-year gifts were created for the company's employees:

Author’s calendars, with comics devoted to the company departments, hand-painted exclusive New Year's toys, silk scarves with bright images of the 50's. And a collection of CDs with the most incendiary music of those times.

While the most creative participants rehearsed, their colleagues were included in the project through contests in the intranet and invented their own outfits. On this holiday guests surpassed the organizers creative and imagination - each new suit deserved a stormy ovation.

The installation took more than 50 hours. The area of more than 6,000 square meters was designed as part of the concept - the guests were able to appreciate this rare car, design trees, complex multi-level and light scenery - completely transformed space before the empty exhibition hall.

The program, consisting of staff numbers, lasted more than two hours and was divided into three blocks. Famous showman Ivan Urgant represented all the participants and commented on their performances, and the groups "Jive" and "The Accidental Case" lit the dance floor.

As a result of the event, a memorable DVD was created for the company "Video International" with the numbers of all employees who took part in the event.

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