Project Description

Our task at the event was to link:

• personal development of employees and development of the company
• demonstrate the unity of all branches of the company
• show that the company is not only employees but also their families

The concept of Pfizer Family | Implementation.

During the event, the game of childhood was embodied.

In advance, participants of the event sent their children's photos and during the conference, the participants guessed who was on each photo.

The main intrigue was the tree of desires - the magic Christmas tree. Everyone hung on her most secret desires: someone dreamed of giving flowers to his leader, someone to dance with him, someone lacked 25 kg of mandarins, somebody dreamed of sitting on his knees at Grandfather Frost all his life, many wanted to go to travel and get a promotion. Some of these desires, the most unusual and creative were performed on New Year's Eve.

During the welcome, all guests could play in the well-known and forgotten game "Stone-Scissors-Paper", in which the team of organizers added new rules and collected a lot of unknown stitches-counters.

Charming clowns gave a cheerful mood, did all sorts of figurines from balls, distributed them to guests and helped participants to make from the balls of the composition.

Of course, the holiday was not without Santa Claus! He was expecting guests in a separate central glade and not only gave gifts for reading poems in a huge chair but also accepted the New Year wishes that his guests whispered to him.

There, on the glade of Santa Claus, a wall with a Pfizer logo was built, made of large cubes of a Lego constructor. Guests enthusiastically laid out letters and photographed against the wall.

During the evening, the program "Family Jokes" was performed on the stage in the performance of the leading evenings of Mikhail Shats and Tatyana Lazareva. Among the contests were the games "Mouths of Babes" with the participation of children of employees, pre-recorded on video, a contest with a professional dancer and guessing children's photos.

In between competitions on the stage lit the band "Mint", and at the final of the evening, the stage was handed a huge cake with the company logo.

Ended with a gala dinner with a performance of the "Accident".

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