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July 9, 2009, in the gallery "Onto Arte" managing partners of Eventum Premo Alexey Berlov and Alexander Shumovich together with the publishing house "Alpina Publishers" presented a book summarizing the experience gained over the years in the industry of event organization.

The authors of the book told about the reasons that prompted them to share the thoughts and ideas that formed the basis of the book. So, in 2008, Alexei Berlov and Alexander Shumovich decided to summarize their experience in organizing events under the cover with the title "Mix, but do not shake: Recipes for organizing events." The result of a difficult and interesting work was the book, which went on sale on June 25, 2009.

"The appearance of a new book on event management based on great practical experience is a significant event for the market and speaks to the degree of its development. It is a Russian book of Russian specialists on Russian events whose mission is to bring their participants not only joy but also profit, - Alexei Berlov comments.

The title of the book is not chosen by chance. According to Alexei Berlov, "Mix, but do not shake up" - this is a modified phrase from the James Bond film. In organizing events, it is also important to mix the right elements, but not in a chaotic order, but in the right proportion.

According to the authors, the events are not just bright and memorable events of our lives, but also an irreplaceable marketing tool, a unique way to arrange a personal meeting with your client and brand.

The main blocks of the book will help:

• find out the real goals of the event
• choose the right concept for the event,
• build a script
• avoid mistakes in financial planning and management of the event management team
• pick up hardware and scenery
• evaluate the effectiveness of the event

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