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On September 28, 2009, the annual specialized conference for event-experts was held, organized by the Eventum Premo agency in cooperation with First Business Restaurant, a new event venue in Moscow City.

The main objective of the conference is to discuss new trends in the market and exchange experiences. More than 60 professionals had the opportunity to study and evaluate the experience of past events, discuss the prospects for the upcoming season. The speakers were traditionally the leaders and event-specialists of leading Russian and international companies, as well as representatives of state structures: IBM, MIEL, Microsoft, VTB 24, the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs of the Russian Federation and many others.

The main conclusion: of course, there is a drop in prices for services, including fees of artists and agencies themselves. Companies are looking for elegant ways to save money, hold events on their own, event organizers become more flexible in attracting sponsors.

"We are pleased that our professional conferences have become a familiar platform for direct communication between agencies and customers," says Eventum Premo partner Alexei Berlov. "Only by maintaining constant contact and exchanging experience, we will be able to move the event-industry forward and develop professionally."

Here is how the partner of the Eventum Premo agency Alexander Shumovich commented on the conference "Special Event - The New Reality of the Event-Business": "The market is shrinking. Unfortunately, new approaches and new ideas were not presented. However, it is encouraging that a number of companies are showing resilience, continuing to develop their projects, building long-term strategies. "

It is worth noting the peculiarity of this conference: the marketing campaign to attract participants this time was based exclusively on online methods of attracting participants using social networks and contextual advertising.

Eventum Premo regularly holds master classes and seminars about PR and event management, organizes commercial and government events.

First Business Restaurant provides a convenient platform for business and gala events, catering services, has its own developed infrastructure.

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