Project Description

On December 9-11, 2010, the annual conference of Skoda dealers on after sale service "After Sales 2010" was held in the hotel "Holiday INN Vinogradovo" near Moscow. Participants were representatives of dealer centers from all over Russia.

The conference summed up the results of the year, discussed the accumulated problems and announced the work plan for the next 2011.
During the second day of the conference, participants had the opportunity to test their logic and, with ingenuity, collect large and small wooden puzzles.
At the end of the business part of the guests was waiting for a surprise - the presentation of the invited business coach from Holland with the show "Dealers network". In just a few minutes, all the participants became closer to each other and united into one communication network with the help of simple coats of wool.

In the evening, the guests had the opportunity to take a picture and get a memory of a printed cartoon "Flipbook", take part in an intellectual game, play poker and darts. The host of the gala dinner Sergey Stillavin created an easy and positive atmosphere of the evening. The performance of the band "Blackmailers" was the final surprise for all the guests.

The company "Eventum Premo" acted as the organizer of the conference.

Клиент Skoda

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