Project Description

October 21, 2011, in Moscow in the first pavilion of IEC "Expocenter" agency Eventum Premo held a solemn event of the company ROSNO, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the company.

The evening was opened with a bright video about the company, its scope, and values. Effectively combined with the roller professional ballet, which echoed with the video on stage.

The evening was held in the stellar theme "Constellation of the best." The founding fathers of the company, who for 20 years led the company the right course of development and prosperity, attended the hall.

The key moment of the first part of the evening was the process of consolidation of the three companies "Progress-Garant", SAC Alliance and ROSNO. Specifically for the association, a video was created reflecting this process - the three planets merged into one and flashed a new bright star in the Constellation of the Best! On the stage, three company executives lit bright beams and two thousand small stars in the hall supported them.

Thus, all the employees who attended the event attended this corporate flash mob.

In the second part of the program, employees of the company performed on the stage and prepared dance numbers. The highlight was that the musical compositions for these numbers were performed live by one of the managers of the company, who is the soloist and the permanent leader of the musical collective "October Sun".

In the finale of the performance, all the artists performed the ROSNO hymn, written based on the famous melody. For everyone who was in the hall, the lyrics were displayed on the screen and everyone could sing along to their colleagues on stage.

All the guests in a single impulse continued to celebrate the anniversary and unite for the performance of the group "Disco Accident".

Клиент Rosno

Location Moscow

Tags Event PR