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October 4-5, 2012 in the Moscow boarding house "Klyazma" a conference of the company "M.Video" "ALL is possible!" Was held. In these autumn days, it was not impossible, even for the first time to bring together 1000 employees of retail and office. This first unified conference was designed to broadcast to all employees a new Mission and new Values of the company, which will form the basis for further development.
Especially for "M.Video" was built a tent of 1950 sq.m., 8 meters high, where all the main events of the outbound conference took place.
At the general conference on October 4, employees were waiting for a lot of surprises from the very beginning. Having got into the hall, the guests saw only a small podium with the letters "M.Video" installed on it and a couple of columns. "Invisible Voice" welcomed the participants, joked and helped them settle in the hall. Then the host greeted all participants and asked 1000 people to turn 90 degrees with their chairs. At that moment, the black curtain fell sharply in front of the audience, and the guests saw a real scene hidden before that with a large screen and a live band.
These surprises did not end there. The presentation of the new values of the company was accompanied by speeches of invited speakers from different areas, which revealed them from their point of view and occupation. Elena Ischeeva, Andrei Makin, Sergey Belogolovtsev and Sergey Mukhamedov shared their experience and proved that M.Video's new values are not fictitious words, but really existing and working principles of business, principles in the life of every person.
In the middle of the conference, another surprise awaited Wool Teambuilding, during which the participants felt that close interconnection, about which so much was said from the stage. Wrapped up with one large wool blanket, the participants in 10 minutes became one whole, one team.
The day for the participants continued with classes in groups that were located at 41 points along the territory of the boarding house, after which everyone was waiting for a cheerful dance flash mob on a clearing in the open air. At the evening gala dinner, the guests had a lot of fun, watching the annual MVN festival, in which 11 teams from different cities of Russia took part.
October 5 became no less intense during the day. The first half of the day the employees of the retail department were set up for the high season, talking about product innovations, merchandising chips and much more.
A surprise on this day for the participants was an unusual musical, which suddenly turned right in the hall. Soloists one by one rose from their seats, where they sat all-conference, at different ends of the hall and picked up an incendiary song, which announced the next part of the day - a game with vendors.
And at this time in the next building of participants the old Fura, keys, and riddles already waited. After all, this year, the vendor's show was held in the style of the game Ford Boyard. The teams needed to earn keys on the vendors' stands, performing tasks and answering questions.
At the end of the quest, the teams had to open a huge trunk with 32 locks together. Opening it, multi-colored balloons flew into the sky, and the participants received branded scarves for memory, with which they completed the conference with the sounds of the track "We are the champions".

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