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In Moscow on September 24, 2013, the first client forum of the Moscow and Srednerussky banks of the Sberbank of Russia "Focus on the client" was held at the World Trade Center. Representatives of more than 500 Russian companies - clients of Sberbank in an open dialogue with top managers discussed topical issues of business lending.
Among the forum participants, there are representatives of such companies as X5 Retail Group, Synergy, Krost, subsidiaries of Russian Railways, Gazprom, AFK Sistema and many others. Interest in the client event of the Sberbank was due to the growing interest of the business in the transparency and predictability of the rules of the game set by the country's largest bank.
First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank of Russia Maxim Poletayev, Deputy Chairman of the Board Sergey Gorkov, Senior Vice President, Head of the Corporate Business Bloc Svetlana Sagaydak, Sberbank Vice-Presidents - Chairmen of the Moscow and Central Russian Banks Oleg Smirnov and Igor Artamonov addressed the meeting.
Top-managers spoke about common methods of the bank's interaction with customers, development of the transaction business, new opportunities in the field of corporate lending.
Within the framework of the forum, managers of the Moscow and Central Russian banks - heads of departments and directorates - held four workshops on short-term loans, trade finance, investment lending and project financing; crediting of real estate.
The effectiveness of this format of interaction was highly appreciated by all forum participants. "For the first time, Sberbank entered into an open dialogue with its clients," said Sergey Partners, Director of Capital Partners. "It was interesting to see and hear the first persons who openly respond to" hard "questions from listeners. Sberbank has really changed in recent years very strongly and is moving in the right direction, increasingly drawing closer to its customers. "

"Our company has been a client of Sberbank for 16 years. Together we realized three large investment projects in the Tula region. Nevertheless, the forum gave us a lot of information on the improvement of those products that have existed for a long time, but now they will become more understandable and accessible, and their receipt is more predictable, "Sergei Maslennikov, CEO of ZAO Stalinvest, concluded.
Moscow Bank of the Sberbank of Russia
The bank was established on November 2, 2009, by merging branches located in Moscow. In March 2013, the service network of the Moscow Bank included units and self-service devices located on the territory of New Moscow. Today, the Moscow Bank is 756 internal structural units with a single management center, balance sheet, and bank details. The Moscow bank is the leader among other territorial banks of the Sberbank of Russia in terms by the amount of attracted funds attracted by both legal entities and individuals. As of July 1, 2013, the aggregate balance of private depositors and legal entities exceeded 2.5 trillion rubles. The total term loan portfolio of the bank amounted to 912.0 billion rubles.
Srednerussky Bank of the Sberbank of Russia
The bank operates on the territory of the Moscow, Tula, Bryansk, Ryazan, Tver, Kaluga, Smolensk regions. The service area of the bank is 310 thousand square kilometers, which is home to more than 14.6 million people. Srednerussky bank of the Sberbank of Russia is 1627 operating cash desks and branches, more than 4,700 ATMs and 2,600 information-payment terminals. Srednerussky Bank of Sberbank of Russia serves more than 38.7 million accounts of individuals, as well as 131, 6 thousand enterprises and organizations. The loan portfolio of the bank as of July 1, 2013, amounted to over 460.8 billion rubles issued to legal entities and entrepreneurs, 250.87 billion rubles. - the population.


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