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Eventum Premo was once again able to impress your Client and "reinvent the wheel". More than 900 managers of the company "Leroy Merlin" came from all corners of Russia to participate in large-scale 2-day Convention, which was held in VVC, pavilion No. 75.
For convenience, they were placed in the hotel "Cosmos", which is a matter of minutes you can get to the scene of action on buses. At the entrance to VVTS, they were expecting an impromptu rally workers with bright posters and loud slogans, which from the beginning set them on the right wave. In the pavilion especially for the event was a unique round scene, which hosted all major performances, and staff, sitting around on comfortable Ottomans, listened to the speech of Vincent Gentil, CEO of Leroy Merlin Russia, who personally handed the fellow awards and gifts. It is worth noting that the event was attended by dozens of speakers that are recognized experts in their professional field. You should have seen what stormy and prolonged applause after the performance of the legendary Russian coach Tatiana Tarasova!
A large-scale Convention dedicated to the 10th anniversary and success of the company in Russia and the project of "value" in the creation of which was attended by all employees of the company. The event can be viewed as a kind of Clio's company, which was divided into Past, Present, and Future. By the way, passing each period, the participants together was putting the gear on a special mechanism, which eventually launched the time machine "Leroy Merlin" in a bright and rich future.
After the ceremony, all the participants were divided into groups of 20 people to participate in creating the "ideal" image of a successful employee. Also the staff of "Leroy Merlin" took part in an exciting quest. It is worth saying that each unit was attached to a moderator, and presenter in the radio room throughout the event gave valuable guidance and tips. The number of jobs, for example, was making miniature cardboard houses that exactly mimicked real stores.
To psychological and emotional unloading on the evening of the first day was scheduled a gala dinner, which included acrobats, musical acts, and a giant cheesecake for dessert!

As it is impossible to convey the whole range of positive emotions that he experienced each participant, from a stunning delight to the sincere tears of joy, as difficult to enumerate all the things that happened at the event over these 2 truly long for the organizers of the day, which for employees "Lerua Merlin" has flown by in the blink of an eye. It is worth saying that the staff was leaving refreshed, inspired and strong-minded to new victories. And these people are the most important thing for a successful and thriving company.
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