Presentation of perfumerate water ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC

Presentation of perfumerate water ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC

Project Description

1 November in the markets of Russia and Kazakhstan appeared ARTISTRY Flora Chic new scent, feminine and unique. The heart note of the unique aroma of the Bulgarian rose. It is revealed on the skin the whole palette of the unique smell of this flower has a velvety, rich, sensual and sweet. This amazing delicate flower collected only during one month (mid-May to mid-June). And to preserve the unique fragrance, evoking a sense of happiness and endless fun, each rose is cut manually. Don't miss your chance to experience something beautiful! On November 17 at the White restaurant, the presentation of this unique fragrance! Guests were invited to a light French branch, and the center was an arrangement of roses in a jar ARTISTRY Flora Chic.

Client Amway

Location Moscow

Tags Event