Business division for Microsoft

Business division for Microsoft

Project Description

On February 29, 2008, Microsoft CRM-Forum was successfully held, dedicated to the presentation of the new version of the system for working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 clients.

Eventum Premo, especially for this event, developed and implemented a unique business match between the masters of Russian business: Artem Lebedev and Igor Mann, who debated on the topic "Client is the enemy?". Provocatively raised the question of the match, as expected, gave a start to express their thoughts to both opponents. For an hour and a half, attention was focused on the stage. The audience listened, perplexed, had fun and asked questions. By unanimous recognition of the participants, the duel became the most "lively" and interesting part of the conference. That's why all the participants sat up to the end and did not want to leave. More than 400 representatives of Russian business took part in the event.

Client Microsoft

Location Moscow

Tags Event