Sberbank1 celebrated the third anniversary of its first office

Sberbank1 celebrated the third anniversary of its first office

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7 November Sberbank1 celebrated its third birthday in a creative atmosphere. Exactly three years ago Sberbank1 opened its first office on the New Arbat in Moscow, and this sub-brand of Sberbank focused on service of VIP-clients, is present in more than hundred cities of Russia.

The company Eventum Premo task was to develop the idea of holding a birthday party that combines the solemn and at the same time homely atmosphere. So we have chosen the format of a cooking class, inviting well-known chefs and many other surprises.
"What could bring together friends better than cooking together and eating together?!", - said the head of office Elena Uskova, opening the festive evening, which became the basis of a master class in cooking dishes of Haute cuisine.

Under the guidance of chef, Konstantin Ivlev Bank managers and VIP clients have prepared four dishes that could adorn any restaurant menu. Konstantin Ivlev is a recognized master of culinary Affairs, member of the French Guild of Groceries Chaine des Rotissers, the head of the Federation of professional cooks and confectioners of Russia. Under his leadership, the guests and the hosts of the evening were divided into four teams, dressed in a real chef's aprons and caps and armed with the entire Arsenal of professional chef's tools culinary Studio "Culinarion".
Logos of each team become stylized images of kitchen utensils that gave the playful mood of what is happening. The competitive spirit seized even skeptics sit at the bar! Indifferent was not. Among the team members was not only financiers but also representatives of the art world – the artist Daniil Fedorov, fashion designer Maria Kravtsova and singer Pierre Narcissus with the whole family.

The first team preparing cold starters – Tian of crab with avocado. The second team got hot appetizers – crispy shrimp with sesame sauce. The third team was busy preparing the main course – fillet of reindeer and mashed baked applesauce with pine cones. Sweet end of the evening was mouth-watering millefeuille with fresh raspberries and sauce company grace prepared the fourth team.
A chef by profession and entertainer by vocation Konstantin Ivlev cheered the participants with jokes, creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Many began to share their own methods of cooking, exchanging impressions of culinary discoveries and found new friends.
It's time for tasting and the sommelier suggested to accompany each dish with a suitable glass of wine and a toast. A toast to friendship in honor of customers and managers Sberbank1 said Alexander Bilyk, Managing Director of the transactional business of the Moscow Bank of Sberbank of Russia, noting three basic values on which rests the successful business banking team, customers, and Finance. Guests, in turn, also joined in the congratulations. Almost every one of the eighty people present found kind words to the heads Sberbank1, noting the professional management and high art of financial management.
Congratulations were loud until midnight. The guests left when the holiday of good mood, positive emotions, and gifts – the book of Konstantin Ivlev with author's autograph and commemorative photo.

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