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EVENTUM PREMO’s new training course

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This first-rate training course on event management is designed and held by the directors and owners of the Event Premo Company which being an expert in delivering events all over the world is in The Top 50 World Best Event Agencies. You will learn how to gain your Customers’ affection and make them feel skin crawls during your events. You will be inspired by new ideas and bound to deliver brighter and better events. Considerably better events… You will become skilled at creating breathtaking events!

DATE: April 22
CITY: Dubai, UAE
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• Changes that have influence over us 
• Society, economy, technologies, design 
• How to create Customer Journeys and determine the role of your event 
• How to analyze your audience and choose target segments 
• Insights for events 
• Insights as the basis of your creativity 
• Briefs and fruitful partnerships with agencies 
• Best cases of 2016-2018 
• New formats of events 
• Engagement—how and why to engage people 
 • New project management technologies 
• Review of digital tools used for creating events 
• Hardware street 
• CJ – creating community for a brand/event 
• Assessment methods and tools 
• The future of special events 


1. Changes that have influence over us. Society, economy, technologies, design

• New communication environment 
• Theory of generations, mindset patterns – XYZ 
• Digital influence of new project management technologies and social media 
• Key numbers – the size of the event market, popularity of technologies and channels 
• Brand communication trends 
• Place and role of events in brand communication 

2. How to create Customer Journeys and determine the role of your event

• Steps to create CJs 
• Review of winning cases 
• Importance of CJs for events 

3. Insights as the basis of your creativity

• Methodology of creative ideation 
• Technologies of creative brainstorming 
• Analytical data for creativity 
• Review of cases 
• Business game: how to create a framework basing on the analysis of your target audience and insights 

Coffee Break

4. New formats of events

 • Event philosophy, new formats of outdoor and indoor events 
 • New formats in digital world

5. Engagement —how and why to engage people

• Numbers and researches on engagement 
• Tools and interaction throughout an event 
• Theory of graphs and its influence on events  

6. New project management technologies

• SCRUM and Agile approaches and methodology 
• Automation tools 


7. Review of digital tools used for creating events

• Mobile applications, chat bots, audience visualization technology, data collection technologies, etc. 
• Review of the world best cases 
• Q&A  

8. Assessment methods and tools

• ROI and NPS assessment methods 
 • Gadgets, radars, marks 
 • Online summary of the course final assessments  

Coffee Break

9. The future of SPECIAL events

• Foresight session in the format of World Café – a business game, what to expect within the 5 coming years 
• Various scenarios of future, predictions – economy, technologies, biology, and computer engineering development 

10. Best cases of 2016-2018

• Review and analysis of cases in the context of materials and tools discussed during Day 1  

11. Moet Chandon Hour

At the end of the training course: 
All course participants will be granted personal certificates signed by the creators of the course
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join IN and you will

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Find a complex approach to education in the field of event management

Get handy materials and tools developed on the basis of our agency’s successful experience

Be granted a professional certificate to enrich your CV

Make new business contacts

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who is welcome to our training course

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Our training course is designed for those who have at least 2 years of real experience in marketing, project management, and event management. 
It might be difficult for newcomers to judge the materials and tools provided as we are going to speak more on how to improve the quality of our work rather than discuss the basics.   

• Marketing Directors and PR of large companies 
• Event Managers of Customers 
• HR Directors and Managers 
• Event management experts 
• Providers of event services and technologies 
• Event startup producers and future event entrepreneurs 
• Event Freelancers 
• Experts in other marketing areas who want to improve personal efficiency and leadership skills  

The cost of the training course: 450$
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Alexander Shumovitch and Alexey Berlov – cofounders of the Eventum Premo Company, authors of books, multiple award winners and directors of the Agency that has hit The Top 50 World Best Event Agencies three times in a row.

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