Starting a new model VOLVO XC90 in Moscow

Starting a new model VOLVO XC90 in Moscow

Project Description

The event was devoted to the withdrawal of the flagship car Volvo XC90 on the Russian market.
5 days of continuous installation, more than 30 cubes of natural wood, 2000 test drives in 70 hours. For 4 days the project was visited by more than 5,500 clients, more than 100 heads of the dealer network and whiter than 100 journalists who wrote positive reviews about cars and the event as a whole. According to statistics, each of the guests spent more than 3 hours on the site.
A team of 50 professionals worked on the project, each of which passed several stages of training on the presented product.
The zone of hospitality has turned into a popular summer veranda, where not only customers of Volvo, but also residents of the city aspired to get.
The event took several days:
06/02/2015 - Press Day
06/03/2015 - Day of Corporate Clients and Dealers
04.06.2015-07.06.2015 - Customer days in Moscow
Approximately 6000 people attended the event

Client VOLVO

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Starting a new model VOLVO XC90 in Moscow | Eventum Premo marketing and event-agency


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