Sponsorship integration of S7 Airlines in the Picnic "Afishi" 2016

Sponsorship integration of S7 Airlines in the Picnic "Afishi" 2016

Project Description

July 30, 2016, in the Park Kolomenskoye, was a Picnic "Afishi" - the largest in Moscow music festival

in the open air, which annually gathers about 50,000 people.
The Russian airline S7 Airlines for the first time acted as an official partner of the festival.

Pool & Bar S7 Airlines is located opposite the stage of Summer Stage by S7,

which gathered bright representatives of musical culture - Tesla Boy, Mujuice, Adrian Younge, Skepta and their fans.
In the same "district", a lot of additional activities from S7 were concentrated.

A task:

Bring the concept of the S7 brand to the guests of the event

#takecareofthehappiness and offer Entertainment, giving the opportunity to feel this idea.
Attracting a new audience to the loyalty program S7 Priority.

Implement integration into the event in accordance with the image of the S7 brand -
modern, bright, active, calling for action..


"For us, this project turned out to be the concentration of all our summer emotions and sensations.
Even did not have to tune in to a single wave with the brand concept.
Team S7, the concept of the brand - exactly such as the project itself: live, bright, real. It was very easy for us to think of ways to fill the project.
Emotional compatibility and common tastes are still an incredibly important thing "- Polina Tolkacheva, partner of Eventum Premo.

To activate the S7 loyalty program, the hashtag #s7milesforsmiles was invented.
He is in fully reflects the airline's communication platform “TAKE CARE OF THE HAPPINESS”, because we smile when we are happy.

The main objective of the integration was, of course, attracting a new audience to the loyalty program.
Guests of the event were registered in the system and received a temporary S7 Priority card to collect not only smiles but also miles.
Total the airline played 7 million miles, which could be credited to a real card S7 Priority, or exchange for cool gifts from the company.

Summer, sun, friends, music, emotions and an almost physical sense of happiness are simple and a popular cocktail from Pool & Bar S7 Airlines.

Someone rested on the chilbag, listening to favorite performers, someone hid in the shadow of the veranda with an excellent view on the 2nd floor.
And some of them fulfilled their old dream and dived in a cloudy basin with balls.
It must be admitted that this zone surpassed our own bold expectations for popularity, and, judging by Instagram, has become one of the main photo-zones on the event.
Holidaymakers on deck chairs on the terraces refreshed themselves with nano-ice cream and thermal water.

Have fun and collect a serious number of miles could be on a digital trampoline – by the jumps, the participant ran an airplane and caught miles on the screen.

Slightly less physical strength, but savvier demanded a huge suitcase S7 – for rapid collection of giant slaps and sunscreen cream, perfectionist guests received treasured miles to the map.

ТAlso for fans of digital, we have invented a labyrinth "Sferum" - with the help of mobile
It was necessary to hold the ball through the labyrinth and charge yourself several hundred miles.

S7 managed to gather in one place a community of bright and active people for which the brand philosophy is close.

Corner S7 successfully blended into the concept of the festival, because Picnic "Afishi" is about summer, good music, and endless happiness.

Client S7 Airlines

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