Oriflame Megaforum & Banquet

Oriflame Megaforum & Banquet

Project Description

On June 18 and 19, 2016, two unique events took place on the territory of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements for the Swedish company Oriflame marking the 20th anniversary of direct sales in Russia. Both events were attended by over 8 thousand people from all over the country.

A task
To hold a business event - Oriflame Megaforum for 5,000 participants and a gala evening reception Oriflame's Directors Banquet for 3,000 participants. The peculiarity of the task is that these events take place annually and the audience is largely stable. Guests have already seen many scenic and artistic solutions, there are a number of unchanged elements of the program and performances. With general initial data, the organizers need to present the event in a new light, captivate and amaze the audience.

To create a WOW-effect, the organizers created a unique stage of the site. Unlike previous projects, where the main action was focused on a bright scene, guests who were placed inside the sets accentuated this time attention. Hence the idea was born of building a giant circular screen around the perimeter and a long podium to the middle of the hall with an additional stage in the center.

The scenography for such technical solutions is very different from the classical, so the most difficult stage was the development of the program and the direction of the event, suitable video illustrations for panoramic screens.

Panoramic screen allowed to broadcast several key messages at the same time technology of the company, a wide range of opportunities, the opportunity to be together with the company in any place, a special, central role of representatives for the company Oriflame.

A few figures:
5,000 participants (MegaForum)
3,000 guests (Banquet of Directors)
720 people staff
500 kW of light
432 videos
262 meters of 360-degree projection
254 artists
250 kg of confetti
200 suspension points
96 hours of installation
60 kW of sound
51 people (agency team)
30 projectors
8-star artists
5 days without sleep
3 tons of food
1 offer of the hand and heart on stage

The idea appealed to the customer, as it corresponded to the philosophy of the company Oriflame. The directors put the participant not in front of the stage, but in the very center of what is happening. Just like in the business of Oriflame, the focus of the company is on entrepreneurs.

For the Megaphone Oriflame, the concept of EXPO was chosen. The territory of dreams. Traveling between various futuristic pavilions of the mega-exhibition, the participants got acquainted with the business lines and products of the company. On the panoramic screens appeared the exterior and interior of the pavilions dedicated to ecology, beauty, new products, innovations and so on. Theatrical seating in the form of beams, let all participants see what is happening on stage, and watch the video presentations on the screen.

For the Oriflame Directors Banquet for the night, the hall would be converted to a banquet seating.

In the concept of the evening event, the numbers and video illustrations were related to important phenomena in the life of Russia: sports, ballet, art, traditional patterns, folk dances and, of course, a connection with the most successful entrepreneurs of Oriflame.

Also, for each event, different exhibition zones were prepared, representing the products of Oriflame and the company's values.

Client Oriflame

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