What is an event Agency?

Что такое эффективное event-агентство

An Event Agency is a specialized company that organizes events on the order of its Clients. Events of event agencies have a short duration, take place within 1-4 days for a limited number of people known to the customer, and have a fixed budget, funded by the customer / Client.


Differences from other agencies
Production companies organize their own events, where they initiate the event and provide funding through ticket sales or sponsors. Event agencies do not hold their own events, but do them on the initiative of the customer.

BTL agencies conduct promotions that are not events, as they are usually held either for a long time or have a wide audience, and are often held simultaneously in different regions.

PR agencies specialize in holding events for special audiences, mainly journalists. The main formats are press conferences, press tours, and some others.

Development Department (new business) - responsible for finding and attracting new Customers, participating in customer tenders.
The Client relations Department is a group of managers who are the link between the Client and the event Agency.
Creative Department-responsible for creating event concepts and other creative content. Copywriters (responsible for the text part of the ad), Directors, and screenwriters work here. The Department is headed by one or more creative Directors.
Production Department designers, specialists in manufacturing (production). People who help implement an idea born in the creative Department. Managers of this Department order the services of event Agency contractors.
In different agencies, some functions can be combined within a single Agency.

Main sources of income
Commission (Agency management) is the amount paid by the Client to the Agency for services related to the organization of an event and is defined as a percentage of the total budget of the event (the 10% rate is usually the starting point for negotiating the cost).
Agency fee (discount).
Fees. For example, for creating a creative concept, design, technical production services, etc.

Main services of event agencies
Development of a creative concept for the event
Site selection and booking
Inviting guests to the event
Organizational logistics-providing transport, delivery of all materials and personnel to the event site
Catering (ordering catering)
Selection of artists and entertainment numbers
Decoration of event premises
Technical support of the event-light, sound
Production of branded products
Selection and training of promotional staff for the event
Administration and holding of events
Preparing photo and video reports

Event Agency contractors
Sites, organizations that provide premises for rent for events
Artists and creative groups, show programs
Printing and production companies that provide decoration production
Rental companies that provide lighting and sound equipment for rent during the event
Transport company
Booking agencies

Main event formats
Corporate holiday (company Day, Brand Day)
Professional holiday (day of the Oilman)
The anniversary of the company
corporate new year
Corporate field trip
Dealer conference, Congress
On-site conference for partners / employees
Cycle meeting
Ceremony (award ceremony)
Product launch / product presentation
Team building (team building event)
Incentive tour (incentive trip)
Press events (press conferences, press tours, press presentations)
Private holidays (Birthday, wedding, anniversary)
Children's holiday
Currently, Russia has a fragmented market for event agencies. Most agencies are mini-companies with up to 5 employees. A large Agency can be considered a company with a staff of more than 50 people and a turnover of more than 200 million rubles.

Currently, 3 (three) Russian event agencies are included in the TOP50 event agencies in the world according to the rating of Special Events magazine. Eventum Premo Agency was the first to enter this number.

The number of event managers also includes people far from the profession, such as A. Navalny (he is privately called the owner of the event Agency), Ksenia Sobchak (positioned as the leader of events). However, they do not belong to the real event agencies, since they do not participate in tenders and do not conduct a significant number of events ordered by Clients.

This article is written for the event-encyclopedia Eventum Premo