What is the event industry?

Event | Индустрия проведения мероприятий

A set of companies and projects that specialize in the event management market can be considered an Event industry.

So many companies specialize only in this type of service - the organization of special events, they can be considered a separate industry. This can and should include event agencies, contractors in the field of technology, catering, event venues, artists and presenters, show suppliers, scenery developers, and some others. Also, the Event industry should include the accompanying infrastructure-awards, conferences, associations, Internet portals and telegram channels, magazines and bloggers.

Let's look at the main participants of the Event industry.

An Event Agency is a specialized company that organizes events on the order of its Clients. Events of event agencies have a short duration, take place within 1-4 days for a limited number of people known to the customer, and have a fixed budget, funded by the customer / Client.