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1. "Event marketing: the nature and characteristics of the organization"
Author: A. Romantsov

Resume: Currently, an increasing number of companies are resorting to organizing special events, and therefore, event marketing is becoming an increasingly popular variety of marketing strategies. The author of the book reveals the essence of event marketing as one of the relatively new and promising areas of modern marketing, defines the main tools for implementing this method of promoting goods, services and a brand, shows the benefits from the implementation of event projects. The practical guide provides modern techniques for organizing marketing events, gives advice aimed at achieving the effectiveness of this area of ​​activity. For marketers, entrepreneurs, company leaders, teachers, graduate students and university students.

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2. “Event management: professional organization of successful events”
“Event management. 2nd ed., Ext. "

Posted by: W. Halzbaur

Summary: The English word Event means an event. By turning the event into a true event, causing special experiences, it is possible to achieve a long-term preservation of the effect. The authors of the book tried to explain in as much detail as possible what exactly distinguishes a genuine event, how to plan and manage it. It is very important that the focus of Event management is on the client, individual decisions, subjective perceptions and psychological effects. Illustrations, tables, examples and checklists contribute to a better assimilation of the material and, most importantly, its practical application. The book is based on the authors' own experience in managing design and event organization, Event management and Event marketing.



3. “Mix, but do not shake. Event Recipes »

Authors: A. Shumovich, A. Berlov

Annotation: Business conference, presentation of a new product, birthday, concert of your favorite group, New Year's Eve in the company ... All these events are the most vivid and memorable events of our lives. On them we get unforgettable impressions, new knowledge, get to know the right people. But events are also an excellent marketing tool, a way to introduce consumers to new products and show their brand from the best side. This book is a great recipe for a cocktail called “Perfect Event”, compiled by true event business professionals. It proposes a universal formula for organizing events described in detail that will forever remain in the memory of the Client, which means that they will bring you not only joy, but also profit! The book is intended for both beginners and experienced professionals in event-business, top managers, marketers, HR managers of various companies.


4. “Scenarios and organization of corporate events”

Author: V. Moroz

Annotation: How to create a corporate culture that will improve the internal climate in the team and help the company occupy a worthy position in the business world? Corporate events will make your team one team. To work, relax and celebrate holidays together so that it brings both benefit and pleasure - the desire of any person who values ​​his workplace. To have a close-knit, creative team of respectful people who do one thing is the dream of any manager.


5. “Great events: Technology and practice event-management”

Author: A. Shumovich

Annotation: This is the first book in Russia on technologies for organizing business events, written by a practitioner. It has everything so that you can hold an event from A to Z - including examples of documents, calculations, memos and other important little things that the organizers may need. This book is useful to both those who are just starting, and those who have experience. It is necessary for employees of companies that organize events themselves or manage contractors, and employees of agencies offering this type of service to corporate clients; it will be useful to managers and HR managers, marketing and PR, as well as people interested in starting a business in the field of event management.


6. “Event marketing. Guide for customers and contractors "

Author: A. Nazimko

Resume: The author of this book for the first time tried to analyze the business of special event-events in Russia. He considers from different perspectives the main aspects of event marketing.